Learn to be a Confident & Safe Rider and

Enjoy Horse Riding Lessons in a

Friendly & Non-Competitive Environment

Greenlawn Equestrian Center (GEC) offers horse riding lessons for children and adults.  Our instructors provide students with a strong riding foundation.  Their goal is to develop competent horsemen who are confident, safe and capable riders.

We emphasize horsemanship as much as riding in our lessons.  GEC’s environment is non-competitive.  Most of our students are beginner or intermediate riders.

Our well-lit covered riding arena allows us to offer horse riding lessons year-round in most weather conditions.  We teach lessons seven days a week.

Call our office at (631) 239-5768 or (631) 456-1700 to schedule a lesson.

Prepayment is required for all lessons – we accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Customers may pay with a credit card over the phone or stop by with payment.

All riders will be asked to complete a Riding Agreement before mounting, and annually thereafter.

Riders must wear long pants and closed-toe shoes with a ½” heel. GEC will provide safety helmets. Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before your lesson’s start time.



All experienced riders new to GEC must take an evaluation lesson prior to registration in a group class or our Horseback Riding Camp program.

This 30 minute private lesson helps our instructors assess their current riding level so they may be safety placed in the appropriate program.



Private lessons for adults and children may be scheduled seven days a week between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm.

The minimum age to begin to ride independently is six years old.

The length of the lesson will be determined by the riding level.

Beginner and Introductory Trot will be scheduled for 30 minute lessons.  Intermediate Trot and Beginning Canter will be scheduled for 45 minute lessons. Advanced ride for 60 minute lessons.



Participants in this unmounted class will increase knowledge and confidence in caring for and handling horses in a variety of situations.

Students gain knowledge in safety, grooming, hoof care, tacking, equipment, nutrition, and other topics related to the horses’ basic needs.

When offered as a private lesson, the content and pace are adjusted to each student.  When offered as a group class, the topics are structured on basic care and handling.



Our Ride and Care lessons combine 30 minutes of unmounted Equestrian Studies and 30 minutes of mounted riding instruction into a single private lesson.

Students receive private instruction appropriate to their level, from beginner to advanced.

This is a great package for the student who wishes to eventually groom and tack independently before a riding lesson, or who wishes to learn what is involved in owning and caring for a horse.



This is an introductory program for children ages 3-6 who love horses and would like to ride.  In this program, learning about horses is just as important – and just as fun – as learning to ride!

The horse care is a fun, hands-on way to teach young horse lovers all the cool things about our equine friends.  Students learn safety, grooming, feeding and more as they work with an instructor to groom and handle their mount.

The 15-minute ride is more than a pony ride but less than a lesson.  The parent/caretaker will participate as a side walker.

Each ride will emphasize safety and confidence-building while establishing a strong foundation of riding skills.



Currently we offer a 60-minute group jumping class.

In order to participate in this class, riders must be a current student and receive trainer approval to ensure correct placement.