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Homeschool Programs for Horse Enthusiasts

Greenlawn Equestrian Center offers special discounted homeschool programs.  Our homeschool programs offer children with an interest in horses to learn more about them as well as to ride.

This special program includes four 90-minute lessons.  Each lesson provides 60 minutes of group equestrian studies and a 30 minute semi-private riding lesson.

The equestrian studies component is a fun, fact-filled course to learn all kids of cool things about our equine friends.  Students learn safety, horse behavior, grooming, hoof care, tack and equipment and more.  They personally handle horses and ponies each lesson.  When scheduling allows, students are exposed to on-site veterinarians and farriers.

The riding component is limited to two riders per class to ensure safety and lots of personal attention.  Each 30-minute mounted class emphasizes safety and confidence building while establishing a strong foundation of fundamental riding skills.  Lessons follow our instructional curriculum, and are taught at the level of the least experienced rider.

Children who become involved in the equestrian sport has been shown to develop the following benefits:

  • physical strength & coordination
  • confidence to overcome challenges
  • patience
  • responsibility for others
  • deepening respect for animals
  • ability to give and follow directions
  • increased awareness of body language and non-verbal communications
  • ability to apply science and math skills
  • friendships with humans and equine.

To find out more information about our homeschool programs download our HomeSchool Programs Flyer and/or please contact us.