What Do You Want To Let Go of Right Now?

What Do You Want To Have More Of This Year?

Find Your Answers with Equine Assisted Coaching

Facilitated by Laura Kobus, Certified Life Coach
Equine Specialist, EAGALA Certified (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association)

Equine Assisted Coaching (Life Coaching with Horses) is a powerful, creative process that involves a partnership between horses and humans.  Horses have the power to heal and open our hearts and reflect back our strengths as well as our challenges.  Through experiential activities with the horses, you will gain valuable insight as to what keeps you stuck and learn how to take hold of the reins and steer your life in the direction YOU want to go.


  • Set and achieve attainable goals
  • Become more intuitive and heart centered
  • Turn worry, fear and self-doubt into faith and confidence
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Communicate more effectively with others
  • Reduce the stress in your life
  • Learn to live in the present moment


Since each session is unique and tailored to the client, no two sessions are alike. However, the general format of a session consists of the following:

  1. Begin with a relaxing exercise designed to clear your mind so you are able to be more “present.”
  2. Address the topic you’d like to focus on and explore it further.
  3. Connect with the horse(s) through various exercises.
  4. Gain insights and new awareness through coaching and horse wisdom.
  5. Wrap up: You will leave the session with a plan to put these insights into action.


Laura has over 20 years of riding experience.  Her previous employment included teaching beginner through advanced riding lessons at Thomas School of Horsemanship. She has also been a life coach for the past 15 years, facilitating workshops such as “Happiness is a Choice, “Thirty Days to Extraordinary Health in Mind, Body and Spirit” and “Don’t Medicate . . . Meditate.”  Laura’s mission is to assist others to overcome obstacles and make profound changes in their lives.


Read about how working with a horse helped Hannah with her career in Laura’s article, “The Healing Power of Horses” published in Creations Magazine.


“My session with Laura was astonishing!  I’ve known the value horses have in healing personal issues and have seen the impact they make.  But by participating in a session with Target and Spirit for my specific issue, it confirmed this effect for me.  Not only did the horses physically react to my issues immediately, but there were subtle actions which I was able to understand and apply. Laura’s ability to facilitate the session helped me notice these, attach understanding to them and to use them positively for growth.  I’d highly recommend Laura’s program for anyone with emotional issues or goals –sessions are not only eye-opening but also enjoyable to interact with the horses!”
Janice Pizzonia
Owner, Greenlawn Equestrian Center

“My introductory session with Laura exceeded my expectations. I’ve never been a sensitive “touchy-feely” type, and I’m not accustomed to opening up and probing my vulnerabilities with others. But I’ve had an intense attachment to horses for as long as I can remember, and it was fascinating for me to be able to apply that to other areas in my life and discover the inter-relatedness of it all. Laura asked me to identify the area of my life I wished to work on, and then I was asked to use some objects to construct a physical representation of what I was most worried about. At one point in the exercise when I had the weight of two long poles on my shoulders, the horse approached me and put her face right up to mine, softly but pointedly exhaling through her nostrils as if she was performing CPR. Then she tensed up her entire body, then relaxed and exhaled as she released the tension. Without much thought I laid the poles down parallel on the ground to form a path – and at that point I recalled a song referring to the world as a narrow bridge, with the important thing being not to be afraid. I tried to lead the horse across the “bridge”, but she resisted until I stepped onto it myself – then she followed me willingly. I let go of the lead rope and she remained quietly standing on the “bridge”, looking very relaxed. She was not afraid –why should I be? That made it easier for me to relate it not only my initial issue, but to other issues as well. The entire process felt cathartic and healing. The horse acts as a non-threatening, non-judgmental “mirror” of the participant’s thoughts and perceptions.  Whether you’re a “horse person” or not – Life Coaching with Horses is an eye-opening approach to applying the inborn insight and sensitivity of horses to the puzzles you encounter in your own life’s journey. I highly recommend it.”
Woodmere, NY

“I went into my coaching session with a goal. I wanted to be in the moment more but at the same time to listen more fully.  Laura artfully brought me to a place where time slowed down and I found that ability to listen on a deeper level through connecting with the horse.  I am looking forward to exploring that further.”
Lisa Quinn
Bohemia, NY


Please contact Laura Kobus at (516) 680-6307, email lkobus@greenlawnequestrian.com or connect with her on Facebook

Special introductory session pricing available in addition to session packages.
Gift Certificates are also available.
No previous experience with horses is required.  Most exercises will be unmounted.