Reconnect with Nature and Create Balance by

Bringing Horses Into Your Life!

Horseback Riding Stables, Riding Camp & Birthday Parties For Children & Adults

Children today need to learn life skills – skills learned by interacting with and observing nature.  Greenlawn Equestrian Center (GEC) teaches life skills through horseback riding.  Horseback Riding Stables reconnect us with nature and brings more balance into our lives.


GEC was founded in 2008.  We are a small, family-oriented horseback riding stable and boarding facility.  We are located at 29 Wood Avenue – directly off Pulaski Road in Greenlawn, NY.

At GEC, we teach horsemanship and riding.  We feel both are important to be learned and practiced.

A well-rounded, safe equestrian has a strong, hands-on education in unmounted horsemanship.  This includes grooming and tacking, handling horses and basic equine care.

We offer Equestrian Studies classes which teach these important skills.


Our instructors provide our students with a strong foundation in the basics.  Our goal is to develop competent horsemen who are confident, safe and capable riders.

Our instructors adhere to GEC’s Instructional Curriculum.  This is a standardized curriculum which follows generally accepted best practices for riding instruction.  It is intended to help riders advance safely.

These guidelines are a tool for riders and parents to better understand where they are, where they are headed and what is needed to get there.


Our environment is non-competitive and most of our students are beginner or intermediate riders.

Riders from other horseback riding stables frequently comment on our relaxed yet professional and safe atmosphere.  They are pleasantly surprised to see that our ring is not overcrowded during lessons.

We try to incorporate nature into all aspects of our barn.  We are working towards becoming a fully chemical free barn by using essential oils and other natural products.


We believe that horseback riding is a superior sport because of the tremendous benefits offered, including:

  • development of physical strength and coordination,
  • building of confidence to overcome challenges,
  • developing patience,
  • learning responsibility for another,
  • deepening a respect for animals,
  • learning to give and follow directions,
  • increased awareness of body language and non-verbal communication,
  • practical application of science and math skills; and
  • new friendships, human and equine.

To learn more about the services we offer including horse riding lessons, horseback riding camp, kids birthday parties, equine assisted coaching and horse stalls (boarding) feel free to contact us.

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